Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Classroom Tour 2013 - 2014

Here is my classroom tour for the 2013-2014 school year.  I was holding out in hopes of finishing a few more things but I think it will be a few more weeks before some of those projects are finished.  I will post on those later.  But for now, here it is:

Views from the Hallway

"Don't Forget!":  I created this new display this year in the hopes of less forgotten due dates and events.  I found the chalkboard during my back to school shopping trip.  It was only $15.00 at Staples, a steal in comparison to the cost of a dry erase board.  I attached it to the wall using velcro (I went velcro crazy during pre-planning, more on this later.)

I am loving this sign!  I have not had a single disruption during my lunch time.  It's great to be able to take a breather and have that time to reset.

At the end of the year our team created a supply wish list.  Each grade added 1 or 2 items to their list to help us out.  This is how we stock up on tissues, hand sanitizer and other essentials.  During the first rotation we set bins outside our rooms to collect donations.  Once collected we divide them among our now 6 member team.

Right inside the door.  This is the space where we wait in line for their teachers.  Behind the rocking chair is artwork I have created for our school art fair.  Each year Mrs. M has a teacher gallery and I've participated every year.  My medium is colored pencil.  :)

On the inside of the door is my 5-S Line poster.  I also added a command hook next to the door (did this last year but still loving it).  I hang my keys on it in the morning so that when I'm headed out I can quickly lock/unlock the door.  It's also great for the occasional lockdowns we have.  I don't have to search for my keys because they are always right by the door.  

I used a velcro dot to attache my in/out signs on my Teacher's-in sign.  The other is velcroed to this plack inside my door when not in use.

I hung the sign using another command hook.

The view standing right inside the door.  The biggest change this year is the piano.  I moved it to the back of the room because I don't play it very often.  When I accompany the kids I usually play the BX.  I'm also working on my ukulele/guitar skills.  Plus, there is enough room in that corner for me to move the piano up or turn it so that I can watch the kids while playing on the occasions when I do use it.

Looking to the right from the door.  Not much has changed here.  Like last year, I still need to add my word cards.  I'm planning to print my new Word Wall Pack but it was one of those things I didn't get to this week.  I'll take pictures when I put it up.

Still farther right.  More changes here.  I moved my desk area.  It's very cozy this year.   I also moved one of my book cases in front of the desk.  On the counter I have paper storage area for extra copies of documents to go home.  The white file sorters are going to get some labels soon and I will use those for materials by grade level.  I'm planning to put things that I use for the doc cam and resource books I'm using during that rotation in these.

I wrote about this in another post, you can read more here.  This is part of my reward system and it's in the corner by my sink.

Looking at my desk.  I moved my presentation computer onto the desk I purchased last year.  Now I don't have to remember my laptop everyday.  I think this will be much easier.  I just downloaded my dropbox folder onto the desktop and I'm able to access and make changes to documents from anywhere.

 Looking at my desk.  Something new this year is my diploma.  Mrs. M (my art teacher buddy) has her's hanging in her classroom.  She said the idea came from a professor who said it's a great way to display the validity of your profession as an arts teacher.  Not that we should have to do that as arts educators know.  :)

See that purple crate peaking from behind the desk.  A special post is coming about that.

View from the front of the room.  That empty space on the wall behind the blue riser is going to get a special display very soon!

 Aah, the seat numbers!  They are laminated this year and attached with velcro dots. 


  1. I love the risers with a table right behind them! They wanted to put risers in my room but they were the heavy metal ones that no one would be comfortable on. :(
    You have so much room! Such a great space!!

    1. Ooh, I can't imagine sitting on those risers, my butt would be sore! :) My risers came with my classroom because I opened the school 4 years ago but they are always something you could ask your PTO for. Thank you!

  2. Let me know how the velcro dots work on the risers. I numbered mine the same way 2 years ago and have been using packing tape to keep them on...such a pain.

    1. The velcro dots are great! You do have to explain to the kids that they aren't there to be played with but for the most part I don't find it to be a problem. I tried contact paper last year and that was a huge pain in the behind!

  3. Those risers, are string enough to support Middle and High Schoolers? Love your blog! I'm from Honduras, and I just love it!

  4. Upppps!! Strong!!!!! my bad!


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